Benvista PhotoZoom Pro 4.0.6

Resize your images using BenVista PhotoZoom Pro, and get superb results through our unique, award-winning S-Spline technology! The software is perfectly suited for digital photography, large printing, DTP, web design and online publishing, but also for industrial image processing such as space technology, security, medical and forensic applications. Many professionals are familiar with the problem; quality loss caused by digital image magnification. In many cases a great deal of time is spent on achieving only a fairly acceptable enlargement result, however there are familiar side effects including out-of-focus images and serrated edges which is illustrative for the lack of professional magnification software.

Windows 7 Secrets

Windows 7 Secrets
Publisher: Wiley | 2009 | PDF | 1080 pages | ISBN: 0470508418 | 25.36 Mb

Tips, tricks, treats, and secrets revealed on the latest operating system from Microsoft: Windows 7
You already know the ups and downs of Windows Vista-now it's time to learn the ins and outs of Windows 7! Internationally recognized Windows experts, Microsoft insiders, and authors Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera cut through the hype to pull away the curtain and reveal useful information not found anywhere else. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you'll discover little-known facts on how things work, what's new and different, and how you can modify Windows 7 to meet your own specific needs.
A witty, conversational tone tells you what you need to know to go from Windows user to Windows expert and doesn't waste time with basic computer topics while point-by-point comparisons demonstrate the difference between Windows 7 features and functionality to those in Windows XP and Vista.
* Windows 7 is the exciting update to Microsoft's operating system
* Authors are internationally known Windows experts and Microsoft insiders
* Exposes tips, tricks, and secrets on the new features and functionality of Windows 7
* Reveals best practices for customizing the system to work for you
* Investigates the differences between Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows
No need to whisper! Window 7 Secrets is the ultimate insider's guide to Microsoft's most exciting Windows version in years.

Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures: Smart Sensor Technologies

Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures: Smart Sensor Technologies
288 pages | Dec 12, 2008 |ISBN:0470843403 | PDF | 7.5 Mb

Providing quality research for the reader, this title encompasses all the recent developments in smart sensor technology for health monitoring in aerospace structures, providing a valuable introduction to damage detection techniques. Focussing on engineering applications, all chapters are written by smart structures and materials experts from aerospace manufacturers and research/academic institutions.


Guide to Knots

The Morrow Guide to Knots
William Morrow and Company | 1982 | ISBN: 0688012256 | 255 pages | PDF | 53,6 MB

Excellent general knot book for climbing, hiking, & sailing
This review is from: The Morrow Guide to Knots: for Sailing, Fishing, Camping, Climbing (Paperback)
Like many people, I just want to learn to tie a dozen or so knots that will be useful to know in particular situations. I do a lot of hiking and I own horses, so getting to know some good knots beside the "double granny" would be a useful thing. I first checked my university library and checked out several books including Ashley and Eric Fry among others. Ashley is a great book but a bit too much information and not the book for learning HOW to tie knots. Fry's book is similar to the format of this book, but a good majority of the "knots" are actually splices and eyes (unwinding fiber rope to form an eye onto itself or splicing 2 lines together) and decorative-type knots for macrame - neither thing I need to know right now.
The Morrow book is a good, general knot book for climbing, camping and sailing. Often there are several different ways shown to tie the same knot depending on the situation (line under strain, two handed, one handed, around a post, dropped on a post) or differently by another method. Illustrations are step-by-step and easy to follow with color coded rope. Inexplicably, some knots are shown tied with green and red rope, so color-blind people beware. Also, upon preliminary examination I noted that the tautline hitch (invaluable to keep a tent guyline taut) is missing. But between this book and some web resources, you will be all set. So, grab about 10 ft of a couple different diameter 6mm or smaller scraps (if no scraps, they are about a buck each) from your local outdoor store, keep them handy, and practice, practice, practice!

Office 2007 high compression only 1,7 Mb

Office 2007 high compression only 1,7 Mb
dont waste your time and bandwith for download office try this only 1,7Mb
extract on your PC then install...

PC Today – March 2011

PC Today Magazine Your Windows Authority! PC Today is for anyone who uses Windows. Every month, PC Today delivers information about Windows operating systems. Each issue of PC Today includes the latest computing news, the lowdown on current Windows Updates, hardware previews and software reviews.

BitDefender Total Security (x86/64) Build Final 2011

BitDefender Total Security (x86/64) Build Final 2011 | 562 MB

BitDefender Total Security 2011 - comprehensive protection against viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and other electronic threats, which can lead to identity theft, data loss and reduce system performance. BitDefender Total Security ranks first among its competitors thanks to effective protection from spam and viruses, secure firewall and the availability of tools to optimize and backup systems in one package.Taking into *** the intuitive interface for novice users and a minimum load on system resources, BitDefender can be considered one of the best products in security at the moment. There are three modes: basic, standard and enhanced. As the complexity of the functions in them increases. In each mode (at any time it can change) is tuned in "home" window, in which some features are deleted as unnecessary in the background, while others are activated.

Antivirus and fairvol as standard security tools provide protection against most threats, but multifunctional systems capable of more. The main purpose of Bitdefender Total Security 2011 - to guarantee the security of personal data to detect system vulnerabilities and maintain control over children.

In Advanced mode interface clearly lists a number of tools available. Certain categories of reserved antivirus, antispam and fairvol. Setting up their parameters is carried out through the slide buttons and tabs. The effectiveness of antivirus system for detection and neutralization of threats can not be compared, and the configuration fairvol requires no special effort with intuitive interface.

In addition, the utility is a function of parental control over Internet access and applications, as well as control over personal safety in the global network. Besides the basic functions, the monitor application monitors the system's vulnerability, namely, the presence of updates Microsoft Windows, performance of vital programs and Passwords Windows. If necessary add-missing or outdated, the utility notifies the user and wish to download and install them.

Under the backup set schedule backup data to local disk or server space 2 GB. File Safe encrypts sensitive information and instant messaging. Above all, there are optimization tools like disk defragmenter, a master of clean and restore the registry, and disk cleanup.

The main components of BitDefender Total Security 2011:
• Antivirus and antispyware
• Firewall
• Protection against phishing
• Encrypting chats
• Quick Scan
• Family Network Protection
• Verification of Smart Scan
• Planner Smart Schedule
• Help System Smart Help
• Smart Sense
• Parental Control
• Anti-Spam
• Encrypt files
• System Configuration
• Online Backup
• Performance Optimization
• Personal Toolbar

New features BitDefender Total Security 2011:
• Redesigned and regulated system installation.
• Search Advisor warns about unsafe web pages displayed in search results, by checking each link with an online database BitDefender website addresses.
• Firewall Troubleshoot Wizard - master of solutions to common problems associated with the Internet, a printer and a remote office (VPN) connection.
• Performance Optimizer shows what programs slow down your computer and suggests remedial measures.
• The level of protection adapted to the computing power of the computer. BitDefender Total Security 2011 is configured in conformance with the volume doustupnoy memory and processor type.
• Customize Toolbar favorite sections and action program for the interface Basic and Intermediate.

Nokia RPL Maker for free

This small utility allows of standalone calculation of
RPL files for the DCT4 and DCT4+ generation of Nokia
mobile phones.
The files are compatible with all models
that have the combination of UPP + UEM chipset. Generated
files contain 2 sections: DATA1 and DATA2, those are needed
as follows:
DATA1 - data goes into HW PMM area of the phone(bottom 0x100 bytes
in the flash chip)
DATA2 - data goes to the OTP area of the UEM chip, used by HW logic
to lockdown security watchdog timers
Both areas are related, as DATA1 contains encrypted UEM WD unlock password
To calculate just enter UEM/ESN and press Calculate. File will be created
in the program directory. Then load to the phone with your favourite flasher.
This is a free release, with the hope will be usefull to the community.

How to Make Money Online with eBay, Yahoo!, and Google

How to Make Money Online with eBay, Yahoo!, and Google

Groundbreaking strategies for reaching millions of customers online and boosting traffic, sales, and profits This full-color, seminar-in-a-book presents a proven plan for maximizing your online profits by leveraging the top three services: eBay, Yahoo! and Google. You’ll learn to: expand an existing eBay business to reach millions of targeted buyers; Open a Yahoo! store to build a thriving direct-to-customer business; and send more customers to their online retail business with improved search engine placement and targeted adword buys using Google. How to Make Money Online with eBay,Yahoo!, and Google explains how to use cross-merchandising and integration strategies to promote sales and manage inventory across multiple sales channels

Inter Video WinDVD 7.0

Inter Video WinDVD 7.0 Full|54.32 MB

InterVideo WinDVD is a powerful DVD player, which allows you to watch movies with a high quality and amazing clarity.

This program is provided with a very advanced technology, which provides a big variety of options and effects. With them it is possible to personalize both the audio and the video, by means of the intelligent adjustment of color and the control of clearness.

Another function of InterVideo WinDVD is the personalization of the window of the player with different themes, so that every user fits the appearance of the program in accordance with his own style and preferences. Also, the application is provided with compatibility for many formats, among which you can find DIVX, QuickTime WMV-HD and RealMedia.

The lovers of the seventh art have InterVideo WinDVD, a powerful option to enjoy their passion as it should be.

Total Uninstall Professional v5.9.2

Total Uninstall Professional v5.9.2 | 6 Mb

Total Uninstall accurate analyzes installed programs to uninstall them completely. With "Installed Programs" module Total Uninstall analyze the installed program and create the installation log. This is used to do a complete uninstall even without the help of the provided standard uninstaller from Add Remove Programs.
Total Uninstall is a Windows uninstaller that can monitor new installations.

With "Monitored Programs" module it helps to monitor any changes made to your system during the installation of a new program. It allows you to perform a complete uninstall without having to rely on the supplied Add Remove program, which can leave files or changes behind.

What's New in This Release:
* Automatic backup and restore of user settings to overcome data corruption that occurs particularly during a BSOD.
! Fixed a potential error while taking the snapshot of installed services.
+ Some translations updated
* Minor fixes

MatheAss v8.20 Multilingual

MatheAss v8.20 Multilingual | 3 MB

"Math-Assist" means Mathematical Assistant and that's exactly what this program is designed to be.It's for secondary level or high school students and teachers and anybody else who has anything to do with mathematics.

Math-Assist helps in solving most of the tasks of :

» Algebra
Prime numbers
The prime numbers or twin primes between two natural numbers a and b are calculated.
Prime Factorization
The prime fatorization of a natural number n < 1014 is calculated. G.C.F. and L.C.M. The greatest common factor (GCD) the least commun multiple (LCM) and the sets of divisors of up to 10 numbers are calculated. Decimals to Fractions Periodical decimals will be transformed to fractions. Fractions to Decimals Fractions are transformed in periodical decimals and also the period and its length are determined. Binomials of n-th Degree The binomial ( a·x + b·y )n with 1 < n < 500 is calculated. Equations of 4-th Degree The solutions of a·x4 + b·x3 + c·x2 + d·x + e = 0 is calculated . Diophantine Equations The integer solutions of a·x + b·y + c = 0 with a, b, c integer are calculated. Pythagorean Triples The pythagorean triples between two bounds are calculated. Calculators Calculation in place value systems Calculation with fractions Calculation with complex numbers » Geometry Right-angled Triangles Given two of the elements of a right-angled triangle the others are calculated. Triangles by three Elements or Points Given three elements or three points of any triangle the program calculates the sides, altitudes, medians, bisectrices, circumcircle, incircle, perimeter and area. Regular Polygones Given one of the following elements of a polygone with n vertices, the others are calculated. Side, Circumcircle, Incircle, Perimeter and Area. Arbitrary Polygones Area, perimeter and centroid of a polygone are calculated Mappings of Polygones A polygone can be mapped by a translation, axial symmetry, point symmetry, rotation, homothetic stretching, shear transformation or any combination of them. Circles and its Parts Given two elements of a circular section, radius, angle, arc, chord, section, segment, area, perimeter, distance between chord and arc and the arrow height are calculated.. Coordinate Systems Transformation between cartesian coordinates, polar coordinates and cylindrical coordinates. Platonic Bodies Calculates all elements of a Tetrahedron, a Hexahedron, a Octahedron, a Dodekahedron or a Icosahedron Other Bodies Calculates all elements of a Regular Prism, a Right Circular Cylinder, a Regular Pyramid, a Right Circular Cone or a Sphere. Line through two Points Two points determine a straight line. Its equation will be formed and its position to the co-ordinate planes are analysed. Plane through three Points Three non-kollinear points determine a plane. The equation of this plane is formed as Point-slope-form and as Equation in coordinates. The distance from origin and the Trace Points is calculated. Sphere through four Points Four non-coplanar points determine a sphere. The equation of this sphere is formed. Intersections in the Plane The intersections between two lines, a line and a circle and between two circles are calculated. Intersections in the Space The intersections between two lines, a line and plane, two planes, a line and a sphere, a plane and a sphere and between two spheres are calculated. Distances The distance between two points, a point and line, a point and a plane, between two lines, a line and a plane and between two planes are calculated. » Analysis Division of Polynomials The product and quotient of two polynoms will be calculated. Function Plotter There are three plotters. One for up to five explizit functions, one for segmentwise defined functions and one for functions in parametric representation. Curve Discussion Curve discussion of an arbitrary function. The derivations, zeros, extrema and points of inflection are determined. Newton-Iteration Approximation of the zeros of a function f(x) by Newton's method with a first guess x0. Series Expansion Plotter for functions given as a series over f(x,k). You may develop the function with different parameter ranges and different y-offset. Integral Calculus The definite integral over f1-f2 from a to b is calculated as well as the oriented and absolut content under the curve, the twisting moments, the bodies of revolution and the centroid. Area Functions Plotter for an area function f(x,y), which may contain a subterm u(x,y). » Stochastics Statistics Mean, median, standard deviation and variance of a sample and the corresponding histogram are calculated. Regression The regression curve to fit a sample of points is calculated. Supported are proportional regression, linear regression, geometrical regression, exponential regression, logarithmic regression and polynom regression Combinatorial Analysis The number of arrangements and combinations of k out of n elements, with or without repetitions are calculated. Binomial Distribution For a b(k;n;p) distributed random variable X with fixed n and p you receive a histogram of the probabilities P( X = k ), a table of their values from kmin to kmax and the probability P(kmin≤X≤kmax). Hypergeometric Distribution For a h(k,n,m,r) distributed random variable X with fixed n, m and r you receive a histogram of the probabilities P( X = k ), a table of their values from kmin to kmax and the probability P(kmin≤X≤kmax). Normal Distribution For a normal distributed random variable X with given mean μ and variance σ you receive the density function and the distribution function. » Linear Algebra Systems of Linear Equations The solution of a system of linear equations will be calculated. Linear Combination The linear combination of a vector out of three linearly independent vectors is determined. Scalar Product Given two vectors the scalar product, the length of the vectors and the included angle are calculated. Vector Product Given two vectors the vector product and magnitude are calculated. Triple Product Given three vectors the mixed product is calculated. Matrix Inversion A square matrix of order n is inverted Matrix Multiplication Given two matrices A1 and A2 the product matrix is calculated.

AKVIS ArtWork 5.0.1296

AKVIS ArtWork 5.0.1296 for Adobe Photoshop | 58 MB

AKVIS ArtWork is an ideal solution for your creative expression. Combining advanced technologies with an artistic approach, the new AKVIS creative suite is a perfect virtual artist. Now AKVIS ArtWork offers three painting styles - Oil Painting, Comics, and Pen & Ink. In the future, the program will learn additional painting techniques.

The Oil Painting effect converts your photographs into oil paintings. The program lays brush strokes naturally using the original photo as a reference.

Unlike many other programs and Photoshop plug-ins, ArtWork creates a real painting out of a photo, not just adds twisted geometric lines to make it look like one. Even with the default settings you can achieve a realistic result coming very close to hand-painted works. Tweak the options, and you can research a variety of oil painting styles.

For those in need of more flexibility and having ideas on how the final panting should look, there is a tool called Stroke Direction. This semi-automatic and highly intelligent tool is a real godsend as it gives you full control over the strokes. Use a special brush to define the guiding lines, and the virtual painter will convert the image into a painting directing the strokes to follow the drawn guiding lines. With this technique you can achieve truly realistic paintings with human hair, patterns and textures going in the right direction.

The Comics effect allows ArtWork users to replicate works of famous comics artists with just a few clicks. This effect reduces the tones of the photo to create an image similar to a poster or a cartoon. Make a comic strip from your party photos or create an original poster.

The Pen & Ink effect creates drawings that appear to be made with ink on paper. The ink color as well as the color of the background can be changed.

The plug-in version of ArtWork offers Batch Processing support that allows you to create comics from home videos!

AKVIS ArtWork includes ready-to-use AKVIS presets which help you start working. They can be applied "as is" or can be modified. The program lets you save your favorite photo-to-painting settings as a preset and use them in the future. It's possible to import and export your presets.

The virtual painter will take care of converting a digital picture into a painting, but what else makes a painting look like a work of art? Canvas and the artist's signature! ArtWork offers the choice between a flat background and a rough surface (canvas, paper, etc.) that makes the impression even more stunning. You can add a signature or an inscription to the picture with your own font and color.

What Is It Good For?

Create an oil portrait of your friend, a landscape painting or a still life picture. Express yourself in new genres! You can print the final painting on a color printer, frame it or put it into a ready-made photo frame, or even add some real oil strokes to make the painting real. Create a greeting card or a poster, and you have a wonderful present for friends and family. No brushes or paints are required. Just get ArtWork and unleash your creativity.

Young artists and art teachers can use ArtWork to improve painting skills. Those who generally focus too much on details can first simplify their images using ArtWork, then use the result as a reference to paint their own oil painting.

The program is available in two versions - as an independent program (standalone) and as a plug-in to a photo editor.
The plug-in version is compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro etc.

Refer to Consult the compatibility page for more details.

Attention! The functionality of the program depends on the license type. During the test period you can try all options and choose the license you like.

Advanced JPEG Compressor 2011.9.1.98

Advanced JPEG Compressor 2011.9.1.98 | 1.81 Mb

Advanced JPEG Compressor for Windows is the world's leading software for compressing digital images in JPEG format. Use Advanced JPEG Compressor for a variety of personal or business purposes: Easily reduce the large file sizes of your graphic files Impressive file size reduction without losses in picture quality! Smaller files take less space and up and download faster. Effectively optimize photos for faster loading from the Web and faster sending by e-mail - avoid exceeding size limits. Compress scanned documents for storage/transferal.

• Interactivity - the process of compression becomes visual, effectively trading image quality with file size by adjusting the compressor's settings. It also offers a preview of the resulting image immediately in the result image preview window
• Multi-document interface allows you to work with many images at the same time, enabling you to view and compare different compression parameters applied to either the same or different images
• Advanced JPEG compression engine, specially optimized for higher image quality, considerably reduces the file size of images and provides the most comprehensive set of options to tune the compression level
• Compression profiles considerably improve processing of multiple images with similar characteristics. A compression profile contains the most important compression parameters along with resizing information. You can create, save, edit and apply named compression profiles
• Photo hosting integration allows you to save photos in the Web. Our photo hosting service allows you to upload and store your photos on our web server. Use this feature to share your photos online - email links, insert photos in forums, use for auctions, etc.
• Graphic Detail Quality Equalizer is a unique feature that gives you significant flexibility in adjusting the compressed image quality. Its 5 bands are intended to tune the compression level applied to the image details with different sizes (ranging from large to small)
• Compression-oriented image prefiltering helps to achieve better compression/optimization results and improve the visual appearance of an image. You can choose one of five filters and change the level and radius (depth) of applying the active filter
• Separate compression sliders for Luma(intensity) and Chroma(color) channels allow you to gain better compression results, eliminate color artefacts, and significantly improve the compressed image quality
• Hold the defined compression ratio is a unique feature for graphic software that allows you to create images whose file size is limited by the defined compression ratio (like the "bit rate" parameter for audio files), and does not depend on their content
• Selective image compression - some areas of the image can be compressed more or less than others. This useful feature allows you to save high quality for the most important parts of the image (faces,etc.), and lower for the rest, achieving excellent compression results
• Progressive JPEG images support; images in this format being published on the Web will be incrementally displayed (gradually improving their quality) during loading from the Internet or other communications
• Additional options for adjusting precision of compression allow you to get the best result depending on the priority: small file size or high image quality (which means large file size)
• Ability to acquire images from TWAIN compliant devices - such as scanners or digital cameras
• Image Resizing(Resampling) by using one of three implemented high-quality interpolation methods
• Viewing/Editing the invisible text (signature, copyright notice, comments, etc.) embedded in your JPEG file
• Possibility to crop unnecessary portions of the image
• Easy-to-use and highly customizable user interface

RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.01.15

RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.01.15 | 9.2 MB

Poster Printer (ProPoster) is software for big banner printing, sign printing, poster printing, mural printing, wall photo printing. ProPoster does not require special plotters, it simply prints on standard printers. Any picture, digital photo, Microsoft Word document, Excel spreadsheet can be used as a source for the multipage poster. Also, it is possible to print a poster from a scanner.

You can use some powerful graphic program for poster printing, if you have special knowledge and skills. But ProPoster is convenient, simple and intuitive poster software that will free you from unnecessary work. Simply select an image and the software will automatically divide it into the necessary number of pages. To create a poster, you will also need glue, scissors and a bit of skill.

Make a great poster yourself! It should not necessarily be your favorite picture or digital photo, advertising banner or any tables and graphics. Just use your imagination. Let it be something unique, maybe even the result of your creativity. Show your own poster to your friends, they will be amazed for sure.

• Large poster printing with the size up to 10 x 10 meters.
• Supporting various image formats (bmp, gif, jpg, wmf, emf).
• Supporting copying data from standard Windows applications.
• Acquiring images from Twain-sources (digital camera).
• Previewing posters in real scale with high quality (1 : 1).
• Supporting Metric and Imperial measurement units (mm, cm, inch).
• Multilingual interface.
• Standard poster format templates (DIN A0, A1, A2).
• Automatically orienting pages and adjusting the poster size to fit paper sheets.
• Printing out the necessary part without the whole poster printing.

CadSoft Eagle Professional v5.11.0

CadSoft Eagle Professional v5.11.0 Linux Incl Patch And Keymaker AGAiN | 45 MB

The EAGLE Layout Editor is an easy to use, yet powerful tool for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs). The name EAGLE is an acronym, which stands for Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor.

Eltima Software Flash Decompiler Trillix v4.2.25.907

Eltima Software Flash Decompiler Trillix v4.2.25.907 MacOSX Incl Keymaker CORE | 20 MB

Flash Decompiler Trillix (formerly known as SWF to FLA Converter) converts Adobe Flash SWF files back into FLA format and SWF files created in Flex back to Flex sources, which can be easily edited in native Flash or Flex environment. Every group of objects such as morphs, shapes, texts, fonts, motions, sounds, ActionScripts, etc. can be placed in separate FLA library groups, which makes using and working with the resulting FLA file much easier.

MAGIX Rescue Your Data 6.0.406.1035

MAGIX Rescue Your Data 6.0.406.1035 | 165MB

MAGIX Rescue Your Data is a professional application designed to protect your stored data from permanent loss. MAGIX Rescue Your Data automatically creates a full backup of your system files, applications and file hierarchy on a storage medium of your choice, including options and services that allow users to create secure backups online. Simply connect the external hard drive and run a full backup.

- Simply select the data you want to back up & specify a backup location
- No previous technical knowledge required
- Apply the default backup schedule or adjust it to your needs

Automatic backup
- Intelligent & comprehensive backup of your entire PC
- Backs up all types of data: Documents, photos, videos, music and programs
- Scheduled system backups - you don't have to lift a finger

MAGIX backup strategy
- A combination of complete and change-only backups
- Fully automatic & without the need for complicated settings
- Saves space and provides flexible access to all data backups

Individual options
- Continuously back up all files or create one-time backups
- Backups of complete hard disk partitions or selected files
- Save your backups to an external hard drive or burn them to CD/DVD

MegaSeg Pro v5.5.7

MegaSeg Pro v5.5.7 MacOSX Incl Keymaker CORE | 20 MB

MegaSeg is a totally self-contained DJ music mixing and radio automation system which benefits from the ease, mobility, and reliability of Mac computers. MegaSeg enables DJs and radio stations to put their massive music libraries on their Mac and seamlessly segue or beat mix between songs or music videos, trigger sound effects via hot keys, note requests via color coded request lists, cue tracks via a second sound output, create dynamic scheduled playlists, and program timed playlist events.

iBarcoder 2.9.6

iBarcoder 2.9.6 | Mac OS X | 6.5 MB

With iBarcoder you generate single or serial bar codes easily.
Whether you are a small, mid-size, or large-scale organization, the barcode software easily build any size or shape of colorful barcode labels in your own style. So now no need to spend money in buying costly barcode stickers to fulfill your business needs! Use barcode software to Design and print your own Barcode Labels, Stickers, Tags in few mouse clicks.

You have ability to print the barcodes directly using standard or custom label format or, save barcode as image file or high-resolution vector graphics. iBarcoder labeling generates professional and standardized barcode labels in all major barcode font standards in few easy mouse clicks.

iBarcoder software allows you to design and print high quality and colorful bar code labels in your own style with available Font settings, Color settings and Image settings barcode designing options.

iBarcoder generates barcode labels with support to advance barcode font standards useful in various industrial needs. The newly added Barcode Designing View facilities to create labels with barcode as well as designing objects including Line, Ellipse, Rectangle, Text, and Picture to prepare industrial barcode labels for commercial usage.

iBarcoder acquires all the features to change barcode image color, caption color, caption font and barcode color as per your requirement. The main feature is to design the page layout to be printed which makes it capable of using various barcode templates like Avery etc.

The program helps you to create many types of barcodes, text and shape objects, print them on any of the avery labels templates provided or make custom label format. Other objects, like text and graphics can be added to your labels, thus making them competing with those created by most of labeling products.

A barcode on the page adjusts immediately to reflect any changes you make in the barcode specifications data you've entered into the Barcode drawer. Width, height, human readable text options, etc. allow easy customization of the barcodes you create with iBarcoder product.

The powerful Sequential Numbers feature allows you to define the sequence in which barcodes are printed. The bar code sequences can be created in two modes. The Counter mode creates the next barcode automatically by modifying the current barcode data string in compliance with the user settings. The Text File mode specifies the file containing the set of data strings from which bar codes are generated.

Next barcode types are available:
Japanpost customer barcode
FIM Codes (3 types)
Horizontal bars
UPC A (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
UPCE (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
EAN 13 (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
EAN 8 (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
ISBN (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
ISSN (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)
Code 128
Code 39
Code 11
Code 93
Interleaved 2 of 5
Intelligent Mail Barcode

You are able to save your label as either Barcoder, PDF or EPS files. Also, you can export barcode objects in available image formats.

System requirements:
Mac Platform: UB
OS version: 10.4

Twitterrific 4.0

Twitterrific 4.0 (Intel)
Mac OS X | 5.33 MB

Twitterrific is the friendly Twitter client that’s beautiful to look at and incredibly intuitive for new users, yet peppered with deep features for advanced tweeters. Effortlessly read and compose tweets, view multiple accounts, search, filter message types and much more. If you’re already familiar with the award-winning Twitterrific for iPhone or iPad, then you’ll be right at home on the Mac.


Simple to use, easy to understand

* Consistent and clear interface across platforms

* True multi-account/multi-window support

* View mentions, messages and favorites quickly and easily

* View Twitter trends, searches and lists

* Browse conversation threads between users

* Translate tweets to your native language

* Helpful color-coding of tweets

* In-app picture viewing for supported services like Instagram, plixi & more

* Tweet actions including email tweet, replies to author & others

* Collapsible sidebar for quick access to timelines, searches and trends

* Theme control (light or dark)

* Font size control

* URL shortening

* Instapaper support

* support

* Reply all (by default)

* Picture and video uploading

* Fully customizable toolbar

* Robust keyboard control

* View user profiles, including large avatars and other details

* Follow, unfollow, block & report spammers easily

What's New
Version 4.0:
New Features:
* Redesigned interface based on iOS for clarity & consistency
* True multi-account/multi-window support (paid version)
* View mentions, messages and favorites in their own timelines
* View Twitter trends, searches and lists
* Translate tweets to your native language
* Improved color-coding of tweets
* View conversations
* In-app picture viewing for supported services
* Tweet actions including email tweet, replies to author, and more
* Collapsible sidebar for quick access to timelines, searches and trends
* Theme control (light or dark)
* Font size control
* URL shortening
* Instapaper support
* support
* Reply all (by default)
* Picture and video uploading
* Customizable toolbar
* View user profiles, including large avatars and other details
* Follow, unfollow, and block users
* Report spammer via user profile
* Automatic updating via Sparkle

* OAuth support
* Number of API calls per hour increased due to OAuth switch
* Compose field allows more than 140 characters while editing
* Supports internationalized domain names in URLs
* Twitter style RT or older RT with Comment format
* Revised & improved keyboard control
* Additional link types for hashtags and stock symbols
* Turn Deck ads back on after registration
* Improved error handling and status updates

* Intel
* Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
* a Twitter account.

Cowon JetAudio Plus VX

Cowon JetAudio Plus VX | 35.67 MB

Cowon JetAudio is integrated multimedia software composed of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, but it also has other features such as CD burning, recording, conversion to other file formats, and so on. In addition to these features, you have the ability to create your own Internet broadcasting by using JetCast, which is provided with JetAudio. Play all major file formats and discs, including WAV, MP3, MP3Pro, OGG, WMA, MPG, AVI, WMV, MIDI, RM, and video, and audio CD. Convert among audio file formats, and record analog audio to various formats. The program features Internet broadcasting with JetCast; visualization plug-ins, including Sound2Vision; tag editing for MP3, OGG, and WMA; various sound effects including wide, reverb, and x-bass; multichannel sound output; speed control of audio playback; crossfading for smooth transition between two songs; a skinnable user interface; synchronized lyrics display (karaoke) for MIDI and MP3 files; and subtitles.

. Supports All Major File Formats
. Video Conversion
. Audio CD burning
. Recording
. Tag Editing
. Multi-channel sound ouput
. Crossfade
. Skin
. Subtitles
. Internet CD Database
. Convenient album management & Playlist
. Utilities
. Remote Controller
. Media Center Window
. Audio Conversion
. Audio CD Ripping
. Internet Broadcasting
. Various sound effects
. Speed Control
. Resume
. Synchronized Lyric (Karaoke)
. Alarm & Timer
. Equalizer
. Superb Crystal-Clear Sound
. Toolbar mode

System Requirements
. Pentium 800 MHz or faster CPU
. 256MB of RAM (512MB or more Recommended)
. 140 MB of free hard disk space
. Operating system : Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7
. Soundcard, speakers or headphones
. Microphone (Optional)
. Internet Connection (Optional)

What's New in jetAudio
. Support COWON D3 for video conversion
. Update OGG vorbis engine to latest version
. Fixed crash while capturing video when using EVR
. Fixed video problem when converting to MKV/MP4 format
. Fixed aspect ratio for some video files
. Fixed other minor bugs


TechnoRiverStudio Multi Edition 6.75 Build 1654

TechnoRiverStudio Multi Edition 6.75 Build 1654 | 34.43 MB

TechnoRiverStudio comes with one of the industry biggest Label Stock Database to help you in the design of labels. The software supports multi-language labels, allowing characters from different languages to be printed on a single label layout, thus enabling users to create labels targeted for the international market.
TechnoRiverStudio features advanced barcode wizards that help users with data input and offers a versatile engine that is capable to handle various printing tasks. If you need to automate barcodes printing tasks within your organization, TechnoRiverStudio exposes an advanced commandline interface that can be invoked programmatically.
TechnoRiverStudio offers many powerful features like WYSIWYG label design, image acquisition, image/vector graphics support, rich text formatting, advanced print options, circular text, clipart library, MICR, E13B, CMC7, white on black text, flexible barcode settings, database integration, records filtering, print process management, mail merging, serialization and expandable label stock database.
The user interface is highly intuitive and easy to use. In addition to the printing of labels, TechnoRiverStudio is also capable of rendering them into a series of image files in JPG, PNG or TIFF format.
TechnoRiverStudio's robust barcode engine is highly accurate and implements all the widely used 1D/2D barcodes in the industry : CODE128, CODE39, CODE39 FULL ASCII, CODE93, EAN13, EAN8, I2OF5, ISBN (ISBN13), ISMN (13-digit), ISSN, MicroPDF417, MSI, ,POSTNET, RATIONAL CODABAR, GS1-128, GS1-DataBar (formerly RSS14), S2OF5, UCCEAN128, UPCA, UPCE, UPC Extension 2, UPC Extension 5, Royal Mail, Australian 4-State, PDF417, Micro PDF417, QR Code, Micro QR and Datamatrix,USPS OneCode.
Design Features:
True WYSIWYG editor
"One-Touch" drag drop User Interface
High Precision On-Screen Display
Full color editor
Advance Print Preview
Multiple Document Interface
Full color editor
Multiple Objects Selection
Automatic Objects Alignment
Objects Grouping
Grid Options
Snap to Grid
Concurrent Object Properties update
Graphics import in different formats
Metric and US Measurement Systems
Label Password Protection
Full Text Options
Autofit Text
Autowrap Fitting Text
Automatic Stretchable Text
Circular Text
Border Text
Rich Text Support
White on Black Text
Print-time Data Prompt
Date/Time specification
Paragraph Support
Linked Field Text
Database integration
Currency Text
Number To Words Conversion
MICR Text Object
OCR Text Object - New
Vector Graphics
Clip art
Image rotation
Image aspect preservation
Print-time Data Prompt
Image Filters
Acquired image editing - crop, flip, rotate
Barcode Supported (2D):
PDF417 (including Truncation, ECC Level, Data Columns specification support)
Data Matrix (including Square and Rectangular Type Specification)
QR Code (with Kanji support)
Micro QR Code
Predefined Label Stock:
Huge database of industry templates
Name Badges
Templates Customization
Templates Management
Label Background/Regions
User Database
Advanced Templates Search
Image Acquisition:
Digital camera support
Webcam support
Scanner support
TWAIN compatible device
Image file
Filter and Sort Records:
Flexible and powerful records selection
Select multiple records for printing
Specify range of records for printing
Custom SQL for records selection
Records sorting with multiple ordering
Records filtering with multiple criteria
Barcode Support:
Industry standard adherence
Precise bar width specification
Stretchable Bar Width specification
Database integration barcodes
Advanced Serialization
Sequentially Numbered Bar Codes
Print-time Data Prompt
Start/Stop character specification
Human readable text options
Human readable Text Effects
OCR Human Readable Text - New
Automatic Check Digit
Wide-to-narrow bar specification
Fixed Data Source
Linked Field Barcode
Variable Data Source - database and counter
Readable Text Formatting
Linked Field Functions:
Prepend FNC1
Append FNC1
Pentium 4
50MB Hardisk
128MB Ram

Prima Baby & Pregnancy - March 2011

Prima Baby & Pregnancy - March 2011
English | PDF | 128 pages | 68.43 MB

Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine brings you everything you need to know about conception and pregnancy, babies and toddlers.

Hyperdock 1.0.3 MacOsX

Hyperdock 1.0.3 MacOsX | 7.26 MB

HyperDock adds long awaited features to your Dock: Select individual application windows & tabs just by moving the mouse on a dock item, use mouse clicks to quickly open new windows and many more.

Window Previews
Ever wondered how to activate a single window instead of a whole application?
The Window Preview bubble shows you every single window of an application just by holding the mouse on a dock item!
It even shows minimized windows and windows from other spaces and is fully drag & drop aware.

Control iTunes
Hover the mouse over the iTunes dock item to view information about the current song, You can pause, skip, rate songs and even adjust volume just by scrolling on the itunes icon.

iCal events
Sneak a peek at your upcoming events by hovering the iCal dock item.

Window Management
HyperDock brings advanced window management features to Mac OS:
•Move & resize windows just by holding down keys and moving your mouse.
•Automatically resize windows when dragging to screen edges (Window Snapping).

Powerful Shortcuts
HyperDock adds fully configurable shortcuts to your dock apps.
Assign key & mouse shortcuts to your dock items to hide or quit apps, start Expose, open Safari tabs, Finder Windows and much more.

Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

JetAudio Basic 8.0.11

JetAudio Basic 8.0.11

Price: Free
Operating system: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Date added: December 23, 2010
During installation, you have to be careful if you don't want to set JetAudio Basic as the default application for audio and video files. However, the freeware application gives you plenty of reasons to make it your only player.

The interface has a modern design that looks like an equalizer. You can customize each section of the program, from CD ripping to format conversion, to your heart's content. The program can convert files among some a number of formats, as well as read and edit MP3 tags. The built-in Cross-fader, Reverb, and Wide-sound modes provide a nice touch not found in most MP3 players. The program becomes truly unique with its clock, however, which features a timer and an alarm. We also appreciate the inclusion of a tool for seeking out song lyrics.

Our only quibble is it treats a playlist as an album but uses the artist as its primary key field, making it difficult to locate mixes. JetAudio Basic's appealing product set should attract audiophiles

CyberLink LabelPrint v2.5.1916 Portable

Portable CyberLink LabelPrint v2.5.1916 | 39.63 MB

LabelPrint is a specialized tool for creating and printing various types of CD/DVD labels including disc labels, jewel-case cover sheets, and jewel-case inlays. Using the pleasing, built-in background images, you can easily create and print your own professional-looking disc labels in the blink of an eye.
Options are provided to print to a paper template from a list that features a great variety of popular label templates in the market. Furthermore, this application can be used to "burn" an image on a disc surface using the LightScribe burning technology.
4 Quick Steps for Creating Disc Label Designs
CyberLink LabelPrint is label-making software that lets you design and print stylish CD/DVD labels in 4 easy steps. Just select your template type, disc information, text layout, background image, and print destination. LabelPrint supports layout and printing on a broad range of templates from leading label brands.
Improved Direct-to-Disc Label Burning: Labelflash and LightScribe
LabelPrint supports Labelflash and LightScribe technology, allowing you to "etch" image designs and text onto the surface of your Labelflash and LightScribe discs. LabelPrint recognizes if a burner and disc support these technologies, then provides the option to burn.
Music Track Lists Can be Transferred Between Layouts
Work with MP3 audio files to create numbered track lists quickly, simply by selecting the files you have added to your disc. The information is automatically transferred between layout templates, thus enabling creation of labels, jewel-case covers and inlays in one go.
Improved Output to Commercial Label Templates - Football Designs
LabelPrint supports a broad range of commercial templates from leading label brands. A built-in library of high-resolution images provides a choice of 16 popular themes, including Travel, Happy Birthday, and now Football (i.e. Soccer). You can also import your own image files and then stretch, tile or crop them to fit your label and cover designs.
Integration with Other CyberLink Products
While LabelPrint is designed to operate as a standalone product, it perfectly complements other applications requiring label printing. After installation, you can access label-printing features via the PowerStarter interface in your version of CyberLink Media Suite, as well launch from within CyberLink Power2Go.
Here are some key features of "CyberLink LabelPrint":
Template-based label design for:
CD/DVD Disc (both 120mm and 80 mm)
CD case cover sheet
CD case inlay sheet
Wizard-based UI
Theme-based smart editing
Supports LightScribe direct disc labeling technology
Supports LabelFlash direct disc labeling technology
Supports Epson direct CD/DVD printers
Supports most mainstream paper templates
Supports tag import in MP3 files
Supports .M3U playlist import

SecretBox v2.1.3

SecretBox v2.1.3 MacOSX Incl Keymaker CORE | 10 MB

You can use SecretBox to store all sorts of information : Credit Card details, SSN numbers, Software Licenses, e-mail account and passwords. All are easily stored in SecretBox’s flexible database. Most people will use SecretBox for personal use, but businesses can also use SecretBox for managing their customers passwords or software licenses.

SecretBox uses the industry standard 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data. SecretBox takes extra care to never decrypt your information unless absolutely necessary. Other competitors encrypt the entire data file in one operation and therefore have to decrypt everything to view just one item. We go to great lengths to protect your data from all sorts of attacks.

Strong security does not have to be inconvenient. SecretBox puts you in control of how you want to organise your data. With unlimited groups and subgroups you can easily organise your secrets in a way that makes sense to you. You can create custom fields for each group or secret and attach documents.

Protected Music Converter v1.9.0 Portable

Protected Music Converter v1.9.0 Portable | 13.4 MB

Protected Music Converter is a software which allows you easily convert your protected (or unprotected) music files to most frequently used unprotected formats (WMA, MP3, OGG, WAV). Thus you can listen your music on your iPod, burn them to CD, upload them on your cell phone, use them on whatever device you want, even if it doesn't support protected content playback. Interface is straight and easy to use, without flashy colours or graphics. All you need to do is to add your protected files to batch list, select desirable output format and press start button. Supported input formats are: M4P, M4B, M4A, MP4, AAC, WMA, MP3, WAV, OGG, AU audio files, AIFF and much more.

Thus you can listen your music on your iPod, burn them to Audio CD, upload them on your cell phone, use them on whatever device you want, even if it doesn't support protected content playback. Installation procedure is very fast and easy, it means no unsigned 3rd party drivers (causing Blue Screens Of Death here and there) installation, no weird sound system detection screens, just usual file copy procedure and that's it.

Interface is straight and easy to use, all you need to do is to add your protected files to batch list, select desirable output format and press start button.

You can use one of standard profiles with settings for each output format, or create your own by pressing "Custom profile..." button.

You can add files to batch list one by one or scan folder for music files, Drag'n'Drop, Copy/Paste from MS Explorer support is also included.

Supported input formats are: WMA, M4P, MP4, AAC, MP3, WAV, OGG, AU audio files, AIFF.


Alien Skin Blowup V2.1.1 XFORCE


Image Quality: Blow Up 2 is a Photoshop plug-in that produces enlargements dramatically sharper than any other software, especially Photoshop Blow Up uses an innovative algorithm that temporarily converts pixels to a vector representation which results in perfectly smooth, crisp edges. Simulated texture and film grain keep photos looking natural even in extreme enlargements. Blow Up can even clean up JPEG compression artifacts when a client insists on using a low
quality source image from the Web.

Password Unlocker Bundle v5.5.147 Retail

Password Unlocker Bundle v5.5.147 Retail | 32MB

Password Unlocker Bundle 5.5 is giant lost password recovery software, built in with up to 13 modules! It’s to recover lost passwords for all popular files, archives, and applications, like Windows, Word, Excel, PDF, RAR, SQL, and more.. This password recovery solution contains all our flagship products of password unlocker series, We roll out this product bundle in a purpose to provide an all-in-one password solution for you either in office or at home.

PhotoStyler 5.2.1

PhotoStyler 5.2.1 | Mac Os X | 34.6 MB

PhotoStyler is the easiest way to style your digital photos with your Mac. This simple, fast and accurate native solution combines the powers of Apple’s core technologies with the flexibility and efficiency of proprietary application-specific modules. PhotoStyler supports all image formats that are supported by MacOS including RAW images, it uses your GPU to process the photos wherever it possible, and it turns photo styling work into the fun time-spending. Once you will get your first photo styled, you will love the result and appreciate the speed of this application.

The look

PhotoStyler user interface is very simple. Drag a photo to the dock icon to open the new document or drop it to the photo area to change the working document image. Drag and drop preset to change the style, drag any filter to the current chain to add it. Drag the filter out from the chain to remove it – actually, you even don’t need a keyboard to get PhotoStyler working. But if you have one, you can use default hotkeys to save and load documents, zoom the image or vary texts fonts and colors. Just like i said before: it is simple.
PhotoStyler document window is organized to fill most area with the photo, presets and filters library can be re-organized at your taste, every panel in the window can be collapsed to get even more area to render the photo. Customize the UI at your tatse and PhotoStyler will keep your preferences from run to run.

The work

PhotoStyler doesn’t require any special skills or knowledge. Need a sepia? Drop the “Monochrome” filter to the chain and check “Sepia” checkbox. Want some scratches on the photo to make it look old? Drop the “Scratches” filter to the chain. Want a frame? Choose the frame type and drop the filter to the filters chain. Need a glow, an annotation, shadows, 3D-look with perspective? Well, you know what to do… You can combine any number of filters and save the chain as a preset. Built-in presets library contains tens of prepared styles to apply, so you can preview your photo variations in a minute and choose the best one, adjust it a little and get your unique and styled picture, all with great speed and accuracy.

Lomo, polaroid, cross-processing, sepia, black & white, scratches and ragged corners – anything is made with an incredible speed and simplicity.
Presets library gives you the simples way to re-use interesting filters combinations. Tens of pre-build presets give good start point and photo styling possibilities.
Framing tools are simple yet powerful: you can apply color, textured, glass frames, matte and vignette.
Choose a part of the image to apply the filter too: new masking tool allows you to adjust filter area and power with great accuracy.
Just one click to apply auto-levels or auto-contrast, unsharp mask and noise reduction filter. You will not spend much time fixing your photo colors.
Finishing touches: put your photo to a table, choose a material, rotate it a little and apply a shadow. Or give it 3D-look with the Perspective filter and set up a reflection – with a click or two.

Requires Mac OS X 10.6+

Euro Plus NiceLabel Suite Multilingual

Euro Plus NiceLabel Suite Multilingual | 83 Mb

NiceLabel Suite is a fully-featured, modular labeling solution for label design, integration and professional printing requirements. A wide range of options make NiceLabel Suite a perfect and easy-to-use, wizard driven tool for any labeling requirement, including RFID, compliance labeling and more. NiceLabel Suite includes NiceLabel Pro - fully-featured Label Design Software. NiceLabel Pro includes a complete database support, user and document security and integration options. A wide range of features and options make the NiceLabel Pro a powerful, but easy-to-use tool for any labeling requirement.

Reset Windows Password Retail LiveCD

Reset Windows Password Retail LiveCD | 135 MB

Reset Windows Password - best professional program to reset, change or recover passwords for all types of user accounts Windows.

Now, if you forgot your password and can not log into your account - no need to delve into the files from the other operating system and even more so to format the hard drive. All you need to do - use the Reset Windows Password and a password. The image burnt on a standard CD, there is support for all types of accounts for all versions of Windows: user, administrator, accounts Active Directory and domains, almost instantly recovers passwords for the accounts, there are Russian interfeys.Reset Windows Password required for loss of the administrator's password if I forget my password to log on Windows, it is not possible to activate your account. The program is loaded from a bootable CD or USB drive. The application interface is in the form wizard. Therefore, the process of operation does not seem difficult, even inexperienced users.

Unlike other similar utilities, Reset Windows Password - the only program that works correctly with all types of user accounts Windows.

Features Reset Windows Password:
- Simple, intuitive graphical interface.
- Reset and change passwords of local users and administrators, administrators of the domain user accounts, account DSRM.
- Enable and unlock user accounts.
- Turn off the option to password expiration.
- Advanced algorithms for finding the password.
- Support for all versions of Windows, including Windows 7.
- Supports Windows (X64).
- Boot from a bootable CD or USB drive.
- Large collection of IDE, SATA, SCSI, RAID drivers.
- Detects multiple operating systems installed on your computer.
- Allows you to undo changes made to the system.
- Removes passwords and other sensitive data from your computer.

Teacher Studio v1.4.272

Teacher Studio v1.4.272 (Mac App Store)| Mac Os X | 9.8 Mb

Teacher Studio was created by a teacher as a one-stop classroom software. Much software now in use was developed with little input or beta testing from classroom teachers. Teacher Studio was designed by a working classroom teacher with 3 simple rules: the software should be elegant, powerful, and simple to use.

Elegant: all of the different modules are unified under one application and use the elegance of Apple's current software products. Our design helps minimize the learning curve for our end users. No more having to use multiple software from multiple developers. No more having to deal with all of those individual developers. One beautiful look in one place!

Powerful: calculate and save changes behind the scenes, protect teachers from having to deal with grade averages, score calculations, finding out which assignments are missing from students, and so on.... Click, click, click and go!

Simple: everything you need to do is 3 clicks or less away

1. Unzip all files
2. Move .app to the Applications Folder
3. Generate a Serial using the Keygen
4. Register the App
5. Enjoy!!!

MyLanViewer 4.5.5

MyLanViewer 4.5.5

MyLanViewer is a powerful network scanner, Wake-On-Lan manager, LAN messenger and IP monitor for your home network. It displays your network computers in an easy to read, buddy-list style window that provides the machine names, IP addresses, MAC addresses, shared resources and other technical details for each computer.

MyLanViewer is able to monitor IP and show notifications when the states of some computers change. You can also view and access shared folders, terminate user sessions and disable shared resources. Its easy to install and use, and has a user-friendly and beautiful interface.

The MyLanViewer application was designed to be a tool for scanning local network computers, navigating their shared resources and for monitoring local shared resources on your computer.

Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.0.50727

Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.0.50727 | 21.79MB

Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.0.50727 is a program designed to add style, organization, and function to your Windows experience. Place your favorite web links, program shortcuts and information widgets on this fun, animated and easy-to-use dock.Stardock ObjectDock Plus 2.0.50727 is a program designed to add style, organization, and function to your Windows experience. Place your favorite web links, program shortcuts and information widgets on this fun, animated and easy-to-use dock. Additional docklets provide quick access to weather, time, and other useful information. A new UI allows users to choose from a number of styles and special effects for a custom experience. The free version has only one dock (Plus version adds capability to have multiple docks, adds Tabbed docks, System Tray support and skin recoloring).ObjectDock is a desktop toolbar, that acts as an application launcher, as well as a task manger to access currently running programs. It offers cool mouseover animation effects and displays thumbnails of open window to easily switch between applications. You can also drag and drop your favorite folders or programs onto the toolbar to add a shortcut for easy access.

ObjectDock Features:
? Position dock on any monitor edge
? Supports multiple monitors
? Adjustable transparency for background and icons
? Running indicators for open programs
? Minimize windows to dock with live animation
? Compatibility - made for older/slower computers
? Optional “auto-hide” when a maximized window is in use
? New background blur-behind (Windows 7/Vista only)

Changes in Version 2.0:
* Icon reflections;
* Background blur-behind (Vista/Win7 only);
* New “Folder-View” tabs (Windows 7);
* Brand new User Interface and revamped menus;
* Now displays all running programs in your dock, allowing for pinning & unpinning ("Show Applications" mode);
* For new users, automatically imports your quicklaunch icons (XP/Vista) or pinned taskbar icons (Windows 7) into your dock;
* Mouseover effects previously only available in Plus now available in free version (Zoom, Swing and Glow, plus one brand new effect "Bubble");
* Ability to show minimized-windows-only in the dock;
* Ability to have the dock always on top, but autohide when there is a maximized window (on by default);
* New weather module with greatly increased reliability and built-in location search;
* New true-stretch background drawing mode (among other tags) for improved skinnability;
* New high-quality artist-prepared bundled backgrounds;
* New icon-transparency setting, with new 'ghost mode';
* Drastically improved background browser.

Softany WinCHM 4.15

Softany WinCHM 4.15 | 4.3 Mb

WinCHM is a very easy-to-use and powerful help authoring tool. Not needing to learn hard, you can be master of creating professional and good looking HTML help(CHM), Web help, PDF manual and Word documents.

Key features:

1. Template support - Make uniform style html help file very easily.
2. Full-function web help creation. (Contents, Index, Search and
3. Integrated full-function WYSIWYG html editor. No external word
processor needed.
4. Read from existing chm files.
5. Improt html files to quickly create table of contents.
6. Super table of contents hierarchy editor.
7. Support Multi-select moving, changing icon.
8. Visual CHM designer.

Virtual CD Retail

Virtual CD Retail | 207 MB

Virtualize your CDs, DVD, HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and get the fastest possible access to your data, both locally and over the network. Virtual CD creates images of your optical media, so you can use them at any time without having the physical medium on hand. Your data is available exactly as if the medium was in the drive, without the disadvantages attendant, for example, on network shares. The images created can be stored on a server to enable simultaneous access by multiple users. When creating an image, you have the option of selecting the level of compression and, if desired, even encryption. You get maximum availability of your data, while lost, damaged and stolen media become a thing of the past. With a simple left click on the Virtual CD symbol you arrive at the program menu where you can utilize all important Virtual CD functions. If you click on the symbol with the right mouse key, the drive menu opens. Here you can e.g. insert and eject images or insert blank CDs in the virtual burner.

Not only does Virtual CD serve you with its well-engineered ergonomy, but it also keeps the security of your data in mind. To protect sensitive data and to keep files confidential, you can use a virtual DVD RAM blank CD as an encrypted fixed disk with up to 17.5 GB. After entering your password, you can read and write your data on it as if you were using a regular fixed disk. In the background, Virtual CD codes the data on-thy-fly with the safe AES 256bit-encryption without your noticing anything.

• With Virtual CD you can create compressed 1:1 copies (virtual CDs/DVDs) to your hard drive. You can then store your originals safely in a cabinet! Your virtual CDs are then available with a simple click or even automatically with the autostart of the corresponding program.
• With Virtual CD you receive up to virtual drives that behave just like the "real" physical CD/DVD drives - except that they are up to 200x faster! The only noise you hear is music or the applictions sounds, and all you need to do is play, work and enjoy.
• Nobody needs to handle fragile CDs any more in order to run applications. Your children don't need to, nor do your colleagues or you yourself!
• Music, games, searching programs, grafic programs - all will be loaded faster and is immediately accessible. You can simultaneously use a number of different CD programs without needing to purchase a number of CDdrives - this pays off quickly.
• Millions of private and professional users worldwide enjoy the advantages of Virtual CD since 1998. Each year coveted awardes confirm how easy Virtual CD is to operate - thus it will undoubtedly earn your enthousiasm. Whether game-CDsm route planners, lexicons, reference CDs - with Virtual CD you have everything at hand.
• Virtual CD copies your CDs and DVDs to the hard drive of your PC or Server using highly efficient data compression techniques. The virtual CDs are then run in virtual CD drives which are automatically set up in Windows and have all the functions and features of physical CD drives.

Private users
• No need to change discs manually
• Up to 23 media simultaneously accessible – unlimited number on the hard drive
• Faster launch and load times – up to 200 x CD speed
• Original media protected from loss and damage
• Conserves laptop battery power
• Ideal complement to netbooks and other subnotebooks without optical drives
• Simultaneous access, even in private networks

• Centralized media library
• Easy-to-use access controls for all media and users, including usage statistics (with VCD NMS)
• Fast and easy content serving over the entire network
• Optimized price structure compared to hardware-based solutions
• High scalability – up to several thousand users
• Easy to create individually adapted client setups that enable only specified features

Here is a brief overview of the new features:
• Completely revised user interface
• Support for Blu-ray and HD DVD
• Optimized readout functions for broader compatibility
• Compatible with Windows 7
• Data safe mode
• Sound file mode
• Direct burning functions
• Direct drive access through desktop icons

What's new in Virtual CD v10.1:
• Help file with integrated videos; online video library with workshop videos. The extensive online help in Virtual CD now includes videos that give you detailed explanations, in text and images, of the many VCD functions. We are also setting up a library of workshop videos at the VCD website to help you get the most out of Virtual CD.
• Extended task assignment options. The task assignment dialogs in Virtual CD made version 10 easier to use than its predecessors. In Virtual CD 10.1 even more options have been added to these dialogs, so you can choose from a broader range of tasks to be executed on double-click. Even the selection of post-CD burning actions has been extended.
• Extended options for desktop drive icons. The drive icons that Virtual CD creates on the desktop are among the most popular features in Virtual CD 10. Especially for USB flash drives and other removable media, these functions mark a tremendous gain in convenience. In the 10.1 update, the display options in this feature have been enhanced.
• New options in the Image Wizard and Image Writer. Now you can add more files to images. You can also interrupt the creation process and restart it at a later point—the process picks up where it left off.
• Improved file system compatibility for VCD images. The image files created by Virtual CD can sometimes exceed the handling capacity of certain file systems. That is why we have now integrated the option of dividing large image files into multiple smaller files. This feature can be enabled globally, so that it is active by default, or individually, while creating an image.

• Improvements in the CD Control Center and the Editor. The comprehensive filtering and display options have been expanded yet again, so that even large CD collections can be searched quickly and easily for a particular track. In the Editor, working sequences have been further optimized for faster results than ever.

Home page -

1Password v3.5.7

1Password v3.5.7 | Mac OSX | 20.13 Mb

1Password is a password manager that uniquely brings you both security and convenience. It is the only program that provides anti-phishing protection and goes beyond password management by adding web form filling and automatic strong password generation. All your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept secure in one secure place using a highly encrypted keychain.

1Password fully supports most web browsers, including Safari, Camino, OmniWeb, DEVONagent, Firefox, Flock, Fluid, and NetNewsWire. All browser extensions share the data stored in the keychain which means you never need to manually copy your passwords between browsers or from the password manager to a browser ever again! 1Password has received numerous awards, including 4.5 mice from Macworld magazine, MacLife Editors pick, and was the Pick of Week on MacBreak Weekly by both Leo Laporte and Merlin Mann. 1Password also has a companion iPhone/iPod touch application available in iTunes App Store.

What’s New in Version 3.5.7:

* New: Added success indicator message after adding attachment(s).
* Changed: 1Password will no longer quit when the main window is closed.
* Changed: Added 1Password > Preferences > General > Move to Dropbox button to make Dropbox sync setup simpler.
* Changed: Auto-correct suggestion list in the tag field is now case-insensitive.
* Changed: Password strength column in smart search editor now includes descriptive names.
* Changed: Improved credit card filling.
* Changed: Improved autosave, auto-submit and form filling in Google Chrome.
* Changed: Google Chrome extension now also automatically generates and fills a new password when filling an identity.
* Changed: Made sure Google Chrome extension does not prompt to autosave when unlocking 1PasswordAnywhere.
* Changed: Improved login and form filling in Google Chrome.
* Changed: Changed password field handling in Google Chrome extension to work around the secure input bug in the browser that currently affects TextExpander users.
* Fixed: Fixed problem where newly saved Login did not show up in 1Password application in some cases.
* Fixed: Bug fixes and improvements in the Firefox 4 extension.
* Fixed: Fixed problem showing proxy login window in Safari for password protected proxies.
* Fixed: Fixed crash in Firefox 4 extension.
* Fixed: Fixed problem displaying multiple autosave windows in Firefox 4.
* Fixed: Fixed possible issue installing Firefox 4 extension.

* PPC / Intel
* Mac OS X 10.5 or later
* Most major browsers supported

Computer Active - No.337

Computer Active - No.337
The UK's best-selling computer & technology magazine offering essential productivity and buying advice, delivered in an entertaining, informative and plain English style. Computeractive has maintained its position as the UK's No1 computer magazine for over 6 years as a result of the impartial editorial content, the emphasis on consumer advocacy and PC troubleshooting and its unique fortnightly publishing schedule.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.1.0 Portable

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 5.1.0 Portable | 7.34 Mb

In addition, it allows you to mount shared resources as network drives, browse them using Windows Explorer, filter the results list and more. SoftPerfect Network Scanner can also check for a user-defined port and report if it is found open, resolve host names and auto-detect your local IP range.
Features of SoftPerfect Network Scanner:
* Pings computers and displays those alive.
* Detects hardware MAC-addresses, even across routers.
* Detects hidden shared folders and writable ones.
* Detects your internal and external IP addresses.
* Scans for listening TCP ports, some UDP and SNMP services.
* Retrieves currently logged-on users, configured user accounts, uptime, etc.
* You can mount and explore network resources.
* Can launch external third party applications.
* Exports results to HTML, XML, CSV and TXT
* Supports Wake-On-LAN, remote shutdown and sending network messages.
* Retrieves potentially any information via WMI.
* Retrieves information from remote registry, file system and service manager.
* It is absolutely free, requires no installation, and does not contain any adware/spyware/malware.

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