WinMagic SecureDoc Disk Encryption v4.9.1

WinMagic SecureDoc Disk Encryption v4.9.1 | 19Mb

WinMagic is solely focused on one objective for the market place – securing data-at-rest, and it is not distracted by other goals or priorities. SecureDoc is a highly secure, yet flexible solution to assist your organization in complying with privacy and security regulations by protecting sensitive data residing in laptops, desktops and on removable media. Easily deployed, SecureDoc maintains end user productivity high while ensuring maximum security and transparency in work flow. Taking advantage of Opal compliant Self – Encrypting Drives and Intel® Anti Theft Technology, SecureDoc allows entities to deal with the heterogeneous nature of their IT environment by placing everything data-at-rest encryption related under one centralized enterprise server including policies, password rules, and the manageability of encryption across PC, Mac and Linux platforms alike.

How it works
SecureDoc encrypts the entire hard drive (full-disk) on a sector-by-sector basis, and enables authentication at pre-boot to ensure maximum security.

What is SecureDoc Disk Encryption?
SecureDoc Full-Disk Encryption provides true full-disk encryption to laptops and PCs. Robust and “always on” AES 256 encryption is combined with a leading range of integrations for strong authentication including tokens, smartcards, biometrics and PKI. SecureDoc can be deployed as a standalone solution or can be centrally deployed from the SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES). For the enterprise, SES simplifies deployment, reporting and administration, resulting in protection for sensitive data at a low total cost of ownership.

SecureDoc is a highly certified, government-grade AES-256 bit Encryption solution (FIPS 140-2 Level 2, CC EAL 4 certified) that allows organization to increase the ROI on their IT security spend by taking advantage of single or multiple factor authentication and managing hardware based security technologies entering the enterprise. SecureDoc is available in a standalone version, or as part of a centrally-managed solution deployed from SecureDoc Enterprise Server (SES). For individual users, SecureDoc provides a simple, reliable and secure means to protect their data utilizing SecureDoc Full-Disk Encryption (FDE), Pre-Boot Authentication (PBA), port control, disk access control and Removable Media Encryption (RME) capabilities. PBA supports single or multifactor authentication using passwords, USB tokens, TPM, smartcards, biometrics, or PKI.

WinMagic is pleased to introduce new features and enhancements with the recent release of SecureDoc v5 encryption solution:

Windows (including Windows 7 64 bit), Mac OS and Linux support
Strong multi-factor authentication available at pre-boot with single sign-on options
OPAL Self Encrypting Drives (SED) Support
Intel® Anti Theft Technology Support
Full Disk and File Folder Encryption
Removable Media Encryption (USB Flash drives, CD.DVDs, SD Cards)
Portable and secure USB encryption (no additional software installation or admin access rights required)
Revitalized Dashboard that simplifies workflow and increases productivity
Password recovery and self-help functions
Crypto-erase for decommissioned/lost/stolen devices
Multi-Language Client available in English, Japanese French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
SecureDoc Benefits

Improves user acceptance with transparent operation and no training required
Mitigates data breach risks from lost or stolen laptops or desktops
Assists with compliance with privacy and data breach regulations
Low total cost of ownership and operations


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