Collection Studio v3.60

Collection Studio v3.60 | 5 Mb

Collection Studio is a useful application that tracks your collection items such as coins, stamps, banknotes, posters, etc and shows the whole or partial collection with different points of view. Easy-to-use tools will help you to change information, share it with friends, allowing collection to grow...

Key Features:
· Supported collectibles are coins, banknotes (paper money), books, posters, stamps.
· Amazing View feature allows you to view your collection in many different ways.
· Graphical view of your collection via pie-sharts, histograms ...
· The Collection Studio database comes pre-populated with hundreds of URL links relevant to your collection, where you can easy find out requaired information on banknotes, coins, issue series, etc.
· Powerful search tool allows you to find out all items that match variouse search query parameters.
· Expicit export tool, that allow save your collection in various file formats (HTML, RTF, CSV, XML, ASCII Text File).

What's new in Collection Studio 3.58 / Mar 24, 2010
Custom collectibles:
* New: Auto complete function was added for Combobox field type; Suggested on our forums by Cyron;
* New: Allow output of the field caption in "Collectible edit" dialog with one or two lines of text.
* Fix: Allow unlimited number of characters to be typed in every custom field;
* Fix: "Duplicate collectible" functionality was repaired;
* Fix: There is no more multiply selection in comboboxes (discussed on russian forums);
* Fix: Save formattings options in text of fields with "Comments" type (discussed on russian forums).

Multilingual support:
* Update of the Lithuanian flag Lithuanian localization (thanks to Laurius Vaitkevicius);
* Update of the Belarussian flag Belarussian localization;
* Update of the German flag German localization.

Export tool:Usage of the current sort order was added during export (suggested on our forums by Laurius Vaitkevicius); Usage of the filter was added during export.

- Fix: disable call of image rotate/copy/exif functionality when there is no linked image.
- Fix: Sort collectibles according "income" date (reported by Mr Dronsky).
- View using tool: Fix selection of the template using main menu (reported by Cyron)


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